Advanced Milling Functionality

Design Capability

Includes 3D wireframe design with IGES, VDA-FS, DXF and DWG file loaders. Multi-Plane 2D wireframe Design. 3d Surface design. 

If on a current Support contract(CSP) you have Edgecam Workflow Solids (EWS) for basic 3D solid Modeling.

EWS Solid Model Handeling

Automatic Feature recognition & manual feature finding of 2D pockets/bosses, Contoured Pockets/Bosses,3D pockets / bosses and internal and Radial Holes, Flat faces, Open Pockets and Open mill Features on EWS 3D Solid Models. Model to tool path Associativity. Changes to tool path are automatically reflected in accordance with model design changes.

Machining Capability

3-Axis Simultaneous Milling (X,Y and Z axis) with 4/5 axis positional Machining. Support For Secondary Z Axis / Quill & Support For Angled Head Attachments.

Toolpathing options

      -Rough Milling Functionality :  

  • 3D roughing for wireframe, surface and solid models with automatic multi-tool rest roughing and intermediate slices.
  • Automatic Fixture Avoidance
  • Traditional Roughing Strategies include Spiral, Concentric and Lace with Trochoidal milling options.
  • Edgecam Waveform Strategy
  • Automatic Flat Land Detection
  • Multiple approach types with Speed and feed variation when entering material.
  • In  Process Stock Support as well as machining from 3D Rough stock.
  • Detection of Undercut Stock
  • Adaptive Feedrates

        -Plunge Roughing

       -Finishing Cycles Functionality:

  •  Profiling :
  • 3D Profile finishing with helical option
  • Profile 3D Curves
  • Cusp Height Control
  • Rest Profiling (Auto detect uncut areas)
  • Finish Shallow areas (Constant Cusp)
  • Undercut machining
  • Automatic Fixture Avoidance
  • Auto-Detect Solid model for collision avoidance
  • Multiple Passes with Spring Cuts
  • Cutter Compensation Support
  • Adjust Feedrates on Arc movements
  • Various Corner Strategies, including break Chamfer and Break radius (this gives added functionality to break corners without design model changes)
  • Automatic Flatland detection
  • Optimised Link movements control

       -Project Toolpaths (Advanced Suface Finishing Operations)

  • Project Toolpath (Project any 2D Toolpath onto 3D Surface)
  • Project Boundry Collapse (Pattern of finish Toolpath determined by shape of profile boundry to project onto 3D Surface)
  • Project Circular (Specific Toolpath for circular surface geometry
  • Project Flow Curves (Pattern of toolpath determined by curves to follow)

         -Pencil Milling

         -Flow Surface finishing Cycle

  • Undercut Support

       -Flatland Finishing

  • Lace, Concentic and Finish Pass Strategies
  • Rest Flat land (Will detect Flate areas of Uncut material from previous larger tools)

       -Parrallel Lace Finishing

  • 3 axis Simultaneous Cycle
  • Automatic Flat areas exclusion
  • Output Point to point, Line Arc Smooth or Spline

        -Thread Milling

  • Canned Cycle Support
  • Cutter Compensation Support
  • Adjust Feedrate to Contact point
  • Multiple Start Option
  • Multiple passes and Spring Cuts Support
  • Optimise path Control


  • Strategies include,Clear Floor (embossing) ,Finishing (Inside geometry with Ramp movements in Sharp Corners & Centreline (Will detect Centreline geometry of Font Geometry)
  • Project onto 3D Surfaces


  • Dedicated Chamfer or Deburring options
  • Cutter Compensation Support
  • Automatic detection of chamfers from Solid Model Features
  • 3D Chamfering / Deburring
  • Automatic detection of Sidewalls for collision avoidance


  • 2D and 3D Slot
  • Ramp Slotting


  • Full Range of hole cycles (Multi-level,multi-depth) & canned cycle,
  • Back Boring
  • Support for Deep-Hole Drilling
  • Planar (Linear) and Rotary (Angular) mode output.


Standard in all Edgecam Systems:

  • Edgecam Technology assistant: linked tools and Materials for automatic calculation of speeds and feeds.
  • Edgecam Toolkit assistant: Maintain control of tools available on shopfloor and machines and used for specific jobs
  • Edgecam Toolstore: Tool library complete with list of Standard tooling and also easy functionality for creating new and special tools.
  • Edgecam Job Manager: Have complete control over Jobs and Projects and maintain communication with key areas in the Workshop and design office. Print detailed setup sheets for Programmers and have database of CAD file, CAM file and NC file.

Edgecam Code Wizard: Easily create and edit Post Processors using the Code Wizard in the easy to use Interface