Welcome to G-zerofive Company Profile

G-zerofive Pty Ltd are the Australian distributors of the Industry leading "CAD neutral" Production CAM software, Edgecam, and the suppliers of the Spring Technologies developed NCSimul, Simulation and Verification Software.

Having been established for a number of years and having a reputation for providing first class products and Support with representation in NSW, QLD, SA, and WA who manage all sales, support and training in their states. We have a team of highly trained professionals that are only a phone call away, offering unrivalled support to the manufacturing industry.

We offer proven Post processors with all post processor customization and specific requirements carried out in-house by our professionals, offering unrivalled turnaround times for those specific requirements with our end goal being, tailored 'EDIT FREE' G-code specific to your needs.

Edgecam is a CAD neutral CAM System that is the ideal Standalone solution to all major CAD vendors out there. Edgecam will load, without the need of file translation, virtually any file type from Creo Parametric, NX, Catia, Solidworks, Autodesk Inventor, Solid Edge, Space Claim etc. This enables no data loss from file translation or converting to a 'Dumb' CAD format such as STEP,  Parasolid, SAT or even IGES which Edgecam, by the way, will load seamlessly.

With Seamless CAD integration, Edgecam will interrogate the 3D Solid model, extract information, allowing us to apply automated machining strategies based on your company's best machining methods and practices for both Milling, Turning and Mill Turn.

On the subject of Machining Capability, we offer 2.5D milling all the way through to Advanced 5 axis Simultaneous Milling functionality and support for Turning on Milling machines. Our Turning capability from 2 axis to Multiple Turret and (up to 4), B axis and sub-spindle support is top of the class, giving the users all the advanced turning solutions they could want from the easy to use, Edgecam workflow interface. Edgecam will also take those demanding 2- 4 axis wire EDM requirements in its stride with advanced machining and cut technology functionality supplied out the box.

NCSIMUL is a comprehensive machining simulation software for developing, optimizing and running machining programs meant for NC machine-tools. NCSIMUL integrates directly with mainstream CAM Systems reducing the amount of dry run prove out time of generated Cam NC programs,reducing Machine Tool downtime. By integrating directly with your Cam system initial setup, tooling and NC code is carried through with minimal input. NCSIMUL considerably improves profitability around the use of the NC machines.

Our Training Courses are specifically tailored and run on the latest computers and operating Systems so that candidates will gain in depth knowledge of commands and  correct utilization of our Software so that programming of parts is done in the most efficient way possible.