Essential Turning Functionality


Design Capability

1.) 2D wireframe design. IGES, VDA-FS, DXF and DWG file loaders

2.) EWS (Edgecam Workflow for Solds) 3D Solid Modeling

Watch a video demonstrating basic EWS Design of simple Turn components directly in Edgecam. An example of creating a 3D Solid Model from a DXF file that Customers would potentially receive from their Customers is also shown.

Machining Capability

2 Axis Turning – X and Z axis with Tailstock and Steady control for Single Turret, Single Spindle Turning Centres

Toolpathing options


-Rough Turning Functionality

  • Canned Cycle Support
  • In Process Stock Support (The Cycle respects Material left from previous machining operations) 
  • Variable Machine Attributes (Variable Speeds / Feeds and material allowance on different areas of a nominal Design part)
  • Cut Strategies (Standard, Sectioned Toolpath,Ramp and variable cut depth)
  • Cutter Compensation
  • Variable aproach Types (In / Out)
  • Collision avoidance for Chuck and Tailstock

-Finish Turning Functionality

  • Canned Cycle Support
  • Variable machine Attributes (As per Rough Turning)
  • Cutter Compensation
  • Corner Types Control (Break Radius and Chamfer - On components without the geometry contained in the design,Edgecam can control break radius's / Chamfers within the cutter path
  • Automatic down Cutting
  • Various approach Types (In /Out)

-Rough Grooving Functionality

  • Standard Cycle includes 4 Types (Sequential, Centre Sequential,Centre Alternate and Castellation)
  • Peck Grooving Support
  • Rough Side Grooving with Lace and Constant Cut Types
  • Side Force Correction
  • Deep Grooving

-Finish Grooving Functionality

  • Cutter Comp Support
  • Offset Side Front / Back of Insert
  • Profile overlap
  • Split at Centre

-Screw Cutting Functionality

  • Canned Cycle Support
  • Multiple Start Support
  • Degression 

      - Holes: Full range of Hole cycles with Canned Cycle support

      -Milling Functionality: Not Available


  • Full Machine Simulation
  • Collision Detection
  • Verify (Check Machine part against design model)


Standard in all Edgecam Systems:

  • Edgecam Technology assistant: linked tools and Materials for automatic calculation of speeds and feeds.
  • Edgecam Toolkit assistant: Maintain control of tools available on shopfloor and machines and used for specific jobs
  • Edgecam Toolstore: Tool library complete with list of Standard tooling and also easy functionality for creating new and special tools.
  • Edgecam Job Manager: Have complete control over Jobs and Projects and maintain communication with key areas in the Workshop and design office. Print detailed setup sheets for Programmers and have database of CAD file, CAM file and NC file.

Edgecam Code Wizard: Easily create and edit Post Processors using the Code Wizard in the easy to use Interface