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NCdoc:  automatic generation of technical sheets module and 3D movies creation for the Workshop operator.Re-collection of already existing data is fastidious and risky (because of the errors and mistakes it implies). NCdoc functionalities allow you to avoid such a situation:

■ Work process sheets are edited automatically directly from NCSIMUL data, which are integrated in pre-formatted sheet models.

■ The file is then linked to the NCSIMUL job and available in a standard format to be sent to the Workshop.

■ A 3D movie of the simulation is generated .

NCdoc™ helps you capitalizing and standardizing your company’s know-how and processes.

The machining information file and the 3D movie playing the simulation of the ISO programme are automatically generated. No need anymore for the CAM programmer to waste time on a word processing software and/or screenshots to create its technical sheets: thanks to the 3D simulation movie, no need either to load the programme on the machine to test how it behaves.

■ Virtual visualizing of the machining process in the Workshop before starting up the machine

■ Exchanges with a machine-tool supplier about the 3D movie of the machining process

■ Program set-up with a programming subcontractor

■ Process sheets: they display information about the machining process (technological conditions, spindle speed, feed), correction data (made for estimating the tool geometry in real length), comments and machine stops.

■ Initial configuration sheets (at the beginning of the programme)

■ Tool sheets (depending on the tools loaded in the programme)

■ Customed sheets

■ Time summary sheets

Thanks to NCDoc the Workshop machine operator gets both well detailed work instruction files along with a 3D movie of the simulation.

“With NCDoc, the numerical chain is extended right next to the machine!”