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New NP3™ module allows NCSIMUL Machine 8.6 users generating an interactive movie of the simulation session. This NP3™ file can be read with NCSIMUL Player. NCSIMUL Player can be installed on any PC apart from NCSIMUL Machine.

This module includes the following functionalities :

Full interactivity of 3D view, ToolPath, NC file same as the original NCSIMUL Machine

Visualize Material removal

Full functionalities and benefits of NCSIMUL Machine original 3D View.

NP3™ files are dedicated to the workshop area, to the operator who needs to visualize a program before starting production. NP3™ file can also be useful for suppliers who need to send machining videos to client. NCdoc package features the NP3™ viewer modul.

Realistic 3D Tools

Cutting tools are drawn « real » into NCSIMUL Machine Tool Library. Physical characteristics like insert of milling tool can now be represented in details. You can directly import 3D CAD model into NCSIMUL Machine. All definitions are possible from simple turning cutting tool to big face milling cutter…