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What's new in NCSIMUL 9

Streamlined Ergonomics

NCSIMUL Machine 9 is the result of a close partnership between Microsoft, Intel and SPRING Technologies with major ergonomic enhancements embodied in the user interface

The interface, based on the easy-to-use Microsoft Office technology navigation, enables users to work more efficiently. Tasks are now accessed via tabs, each of which has groups that break down into tasks and sub-tasks.

Implemented on touch screens, ribbon navigation greatly facilitates ultra-mobility.

All windows can be customized and masked dynamically.

More intuitive, context-sensitive icons. A rapid access bar for greater productivity.

Enhanced User Experience with enriched 3D view

Tap or click the "NCSIMUL Machine hub" apps on your Start screen to start browsing any shared jobs or replaying NC simulations.

Flexible project management – project-based job management, tree organization, project/item/sub-item, jobs copied between projects, simplified search mechanism, job templates, and more.

In Windows 8 PRO, a "tile" type application can be used to group jobs around "hubs", bringing together all the available jobs and facilitating one-click access

Increased Performance

FOURFOLD PERFORMANCE BENEFIT can be achieved for increased productivity and more NCSIMUL Machine 9 user comfort.

The solution makes full use of Intel’s multi-core processors and multithreading. Collision detection and material removal calculations are performed simultaneously.

Algorithms have been revised and optimized to support ISO decoding, probing, material removal with tools in 3D, optimized cutting conditions, etc.

Extended NC Capabilities


Generative NC programming: Automatic G code generation based on 3D motion inputs using the 3D interface.

Dynamic NC programming: dynamic preview of any code modification, dynamic collision detection.


With this option 3D dimensions can be added to work pieces to create a document describing the list of dimensions that need checking at each machining stage. A step forward towards the paperless workshop:

Create, based on the 3D dimensions on a machined part, a document showing a list of dimensions to be checked for each machining stage.

The final document can be a PDF (linked to NCdoc) or an NP3 (linked to NCSIMUL Player).

Tool-specific Dimensions Assistant: using the tool geometrical profile, NCSIMUL Machine shows whether some dimensions are useless or forgotten.


Min. value, max. value, tolerances are automatically calculated from a standard file which can be customized.

Control means are suggested automatically according to the dimension’s type, its value and the wanted accuracy (configuration file).

Control rates are suggested the same way as above.

MULTI-MACHINES, ROBOTICS and Three-dimensional Measuring Machines – Unleashing the power of NC SIMULATION

Thanks to its powerful algorithms and technology, NCSIMUL Machine 9 is able to simulate any type of CNC machines (machine tools or robots) with no limit regarding motion-axis number neither the number of CNC machines in a single environment.

Tightened CAM Integration

NCSIMUL Machine has interfaces with the major CAM systems on the market.








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